Project Volunteers

Our Volunteers are the people who help us, and the children out during implementation stages of the Programs. Would you like to join?


Our trainers are people that are passionate about education and about children. They teach the children a wide range of skills and tools in a playful manner. Would you like to join?


A mentor is one who has completed all requirements under the MySSF mentorship program. Our process has been developed to select and train mentors ensuring professionalism and quality. Would you like to be a Mentor?

Star Partners

Home Trustees

Our Star Home are the Homes that the children in our program currently live at. We aim to fully engage with these homes in order to support the children and fully immerse them with the MySSF program. Would you like to enrol your Home?

Internship Partners

Our Internship Partners provide internship programs for our children. Do you have an internship program that could train Shining Stars?

Band of Givers

Our Band of Givers are those who contribute their time and resources whether financially or otherwise.