Who we are

Our Story

As a child you develop big dreams about tomorrow, about what you want to be, where you want to go, how you want to live. But what if all you know is poverty and lack? What if no one around that has the time to listen, encourage and support you? What if you slowly lose your dreams because they feel impossible to fulfill?

Our children are our next generation. An important part of the fabric of our society. We at My Shining Star Foundation believe that every child deserves a fair opportunity and sufficient support and encouragement to grow up to a be healthy, balanced, self-aware human being. That’s why we want to support and empower children to believe in themselves and make their dreams come true. We believe that this supports the well-being and happiness and ultimately supports the future of our world.

Our Philosophy



We create a world full of healthy happy successful young adults that shine like stars and inspire and light up (transform) their peers and their community.


We reach out to underprivileged children in a fun and loving supporting environment where they get the opportunity to shine as stars. By doing so we inspire communities to do the same.


We empowers underprivileged children to become our powerful next generation of happy contributing citizens.

Our Core Values

Driven by LOVE

Founded on the basis of unconditional LOVE as our primary driver, in which our actions are driven by the value of giving, with a clear intention to “empower children and transform communities”


Built on the strength of our INTEGRITY. We consistently practice moral and ethical convictions, as we remain congruent in our words and actions


We grow INCLUSIVELY with the principle of equity and acceptance while celebrating diversity and collaborating with all.

after all, the best GIFT is the GIFT of ourselves